What Makes You Score High in IELTS Exam?

IELTS is considered as one of the most prestigious English language tests in the whole world for non-native speakers. Designed to provide essential writing, speaking, listening and reading skills, it is a way to prove your level of English. Most importantly, it is a tool that makes your communication proficient and also helps immigrants to live a better life in an English speaking country.


If you wish to achieve a good score, here are a few tips for IELTS writing. The writing section consists of two tasks-Task 1 and Task 2. The first task is allotted 20 minutes and the second one 40 minutes amounting to a total of 60 minutes. There is a chart, diagram, graph or table that you need to summarize and discuss as per your personal style. The second question includes writing an essay as a direct answer to the question having your point of view on the same.

You need to write the answer in a serious, formal style. A good IELTS course will prepare you by helping you write the given situation. In the second task, the style is comparatively more relaxed but it is recommended to keep a certain type of formality.

Never give the exam without preparation. Get hooked with a reliable training institute to get relevant and smart tips for IELTS writing, reading, listening and speaking in order to obtain a high score.


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