Seeking Immigration or Want to Study Abroad?

Ever wondered why people are going crazy over the IELTS exam and looking for a platform that offers free IELTS assessment? Well, this is because passing the exam with flying colors opens a broad range of opportunities for those who are willing to switch to another country.  The exam has two modules; one is the general level that examines the student on the English required if they migrate to another country or if they plan to gain a qualification. The second one is an academic level that targets at students who plan to study further and attain post or undergraduate degree.


Within these modules, there exist four distinct components to the IELTS test. Candidates are examined on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. They are assessed in the band from 1 to 9 rather than simply passing or failing. The higher the level a student achieves, the better the qualification is can achieve. There are a handful of companies that offer free IELTS assessment but make sure they are reliable else a minor mistake may land you up in trouble.

We’ve rounded up a few benefits of IELTS exam:

You get a widely recognized certification

After the result is out, you get a test report that widely accepted and recognized by innumerable institutions across the globe inclusive of companies, universities, government agencies and other professional bodies.

You have clear goal

Most of you have the habit of putting off studying for another day especially when you don’t have an objective. Preparing for the IELTS exams gives you immense motivation to work hard and enhance your skills.

You gain better knowledge

With these tests, you become more familiar with the kind of language required for the courses offered abroad. As all your skills including reading, writing, speaking, and listening are tested, you come to know where you stand.

This maybe because


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