FAQS Related To PTE Exam!

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English language and it is a special exam for those who want to study, work or live abroad. If you too are going to take this exam soon, then you must have some queries in your mind related to PTE. Let’s discuss a few of them:

  1. What is PTE Academic?

During PTE Academic, you have to take a 3-hour long computer-based examination, which would test your ability in the English language in an academic context. There are four areas which are examined in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The test also provides feedback related to your skills in Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Written Discourse, and Spelling.

  1. When PTE Academic was launched?

In the year 2009, the PTE Academic examination was launched after a comprehensive program was conducted by some of the most renowned leading experts in the English language.

  1. Where is PTE Academic recognized?

From the year 2009, many famous universities, professional bodies, government organization around the world are accepting the score of PTE exam to provide jobs and admission in colleges. People rely on the assessment of PTE Academic.

  1. How is PTE scored?

The PTE Academic is assessed by using automated scoring technology and the score is between 10-90 after assessing all the areas. This 10-90 scale is as per the Global Scale of English.

If you too are going to take the PTE test, then you must join a PTE exam preparation center. You can find one online.

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Why Confidence Is Needed While Taking IELTS Test?

Confidence can be defined as having faith in yourself and your power in abilities that you can complete any task or achieve certain things. Confidence is very essential when you are giving an exam, but during IELTS it becomes necessary. As you have to believe in yourself that you can achieve the score you want.

How To Become Confident?

  1. Take Help From Any Reliable Resource:

This thing is actually covered under the IELTS preparation part, by joining an online IELTS Preparation Course, you’d come to know different aspects of the exam. This would also help in getting enough information about the guidelines and the format of the test. When you take help from any reliable resource, then you’d be more confident.

  1. Be Very Well Prepared For Your Test:

This would definitely boost your confidence as if you appear for the test without any preparation, then you won’t get a desirable score. When you have already tried some sample tests and know the tips and techniques that can help, then you would surely get a good score. There are different sections in an online IELTS Preparation Course, try them all and then, no one could stop you from scoring well.

  1. Think Positive

When you are positive about your performance and have faith in yourself, then you’d definitely get a desirable score.

For more help, you can join an online IELTS Preparation Course to know the pattern and tricks related to IELTS.

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Why Should You Prepare For The IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language testing system and through this, people can have a proof of how proficient your English speaking skills are. IELTS is a way for many people to achieve what they want in their life, like to work in abroad or to study at any of their favorite university. There are various benefits of appearing in IELTS, let’s check them out:

  1. You would get an objective assessment of your abilities related to the English language: It might happen that your friends would tell you that you speak good English and your vocabulary is also very good. But, still are you better than others? You don’t know and to find it out, you need to take a test like IELTS.
  2. You would also get a certification which is widely recognized: By taking the IELTS test, you would receive a report which is universally acceptable and various institutions and companies around the world would welcome you on the basis of your IELTS score.
  3. 3. You would have better proficiency in English: When you appear for the IELTS, you have to prepare well. While preparing, you would come across, many different rules, words, phrases and even other aspects of the English language.
  4. You would gain better knowledge of English: After appearing, you would know how even a single wrong word of the English language could transform the whole meaning of the sentence. You would come to know the English language in deep and this will help you in various fields.
  5.  You would get motivated to study harder: With IELTS, you would get a goal in your life and this will motivate you to study harder.

So, don’t delay and plan to prepare for IELTS now and join IELTS training courses to get a high score.

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Why Does Examiner Record The IELTS Speaking Test?

Sometimes the students ask the examiner to record their speaking test in IELTS, but the big question is if it is good or bad.

The reason why the examiner records the speaking test is their responsibility to keep a backup of your speaking performance. There are cases when the students aren’t satisfied with their results in the IELTS test. In such instances, they might want their test to be remarked and then these recordings are sent to the senior examiner and they are re-evaluated. This is one of the reasons, the other reason is that the examining bodies conduct surveys of the examiners and how do they perform. If they don’t keep performing in the exact pattern, then their license is canceled and after this, they have to complete their training again for being a test of the examiner.

Another reason could that the examining bodies want to keep improving their system for testing. For improvement, they need some data and recordings, which can provide them enough data for their own understanding. This is basically used to make their entire system perfect.

If you want to prepare for the IELTS test in Australia or want to get trained to prepare for the test, then you can check online for coaching centers. You need to find the center, where you can get all the study materials and the experienced staff can help you formulate the best study plan. Good teachers would share their immense experience with you and study in the best manner for your test.

Always remember that it’s not necessary that you’d clear your test, but it’s important to not give up and move ahead each time you give the test. Just a little help from a good teacher and a good study schedule can help you in achieving your goal. To get some advice for IELTS in Australia, you can check on the internet.

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Why You Must Go For PTE Academic?

When anyone thinks of taking an English exam, then two options comes in mind, which are IELTS and PTE Academic. People are usually confused about which one is better. Today, we are going to check why PTE Academic should be your choice:


  1. Fast results: the results for PTE Academic are usually available in just five business days and thus you need not wait for a month or so for the results.
  2. Flexibility of test: there are about 200 centers o PTE around the world and they all are conducting test globally for more than 360 days a year.
  3. Real life language: it is based on real-life English skills and thus you need more practical knowledge of the English language to communicate effectively in their destination. Thus, the test includes relevant tasks and measure skills in an integrated way.
  4. Based on the real-life English skills test takers need to communicate effectively in their destination, using academically relevant tasks and measuring skills in an integrated way.
  5. Fair and secure: The result is entirely computer based and this ensures all the candidates are scored accurately and impartially. To assure that the score is completely valid, the test centers make use of state of the art biometric, which incorporates digital signatures, palm-scanning, randomized test formats, secure paperless results and yes CCTV too.
  6. The test center location: about this you need not worry at all because this test is conducted in over 50 countries around the world.
  7. It is even accepted for visas: PTE Academic is approved for almost all the countries for student visa and even migration applications.
  8. University Acceptance: this exam is accepted for study applications by various academic programs around the world.

For PTE Academic preparation, you can take help from various online services.

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Importance Of IELTS Examination In Various Fields!!!

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, this examination is very popular worldwide for the ones who speak English as a second language. This exam is jointly managed and owned by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia. If you want to study or work abroad, then IELTS can help you in accomplishing your goals.


The terms of content, examiners, level of difficulty, scoring and the format remains same regardless of the fact that you are applying for work, visa or education. If in the first attempt you didn’t score well, then you can retake the exam any number of times. But, it is always advisable to take some time and study in an efficient manner for your next attempt. In any country you can easily get IELTS coaching classes and prepare well. There are various online learning sources available that can help you in refreshing your knowledge and find out the best way to prepare for the exam.

IELTS for study:

If you want to study in any foreign country, then you must know that most of the universities around the world accept the result of IELTS test. In case, you are considering any undergraduate or any postgraduate course, then you need to take the Academic IELTS test, otherwise The General Training IELTS test is enough for courses that don’t award any degree. First, find the college or university in which you want to study and then check the version of IELTS that is appropriate for you.

IELTS for work:

By providing the proof of your high proficiency in English, you increase your chances to obtain a visa for working abroad. Having good language skills will get make you successful in your career. With high knowledge of the English language, you will become a valuable asset in your company. For a work visa applicant, either vocational or competent level of English is required to be cleared in the IELTS exam.

IELTS for immigration

The IELTS exam is the part of the application process for immigration as per the rules of the government agencies. In order to obtain permanent residence and citizenship of any foreign country you need to pass the IELTS.

So, if you are going to work, study or immigrate in any other country, then you should start taking IELTS Coaching Classes to prepare thoroughly for IELTS.

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Why Study English Courses In Melbourne

Learning effectively requires highly qualified and friendly teachers who respond to your questions with pleasure and take care of you. But the English schools of Melbourne also stand out for its modern facilities. English is spoken throughout the school, to make it easier to discover the school and get in touch with the locals.

Studying English in an English-speaking country is always the best way to learn. However, it is not enough to define with the country, but you must also choose the city. If you plan to study in abroad and do not know where, consider doing English Courses in Melbourne, Australia. Since, this city has great benefits for students. Read some of them:

  1. It occupies the 2nd place among the best cities for students

According to the QS Best Student Cities 2015 ranking, Melbourne is the second best city for students, less than 20 points from Paris, which occupies the first place. Also, it is the best with respect to the diversity of students and in 2011, it was chosen as the best city to live, with a high quality of life and low proportions of poverty.

  1. Hosts 10 leading universities in the world

Melbourne is a center of educational excellence, with 10 universities among the best in the world, with cutting-edge institutions, academic staff with international experience and great services for students. Also, English Courses in Melbourne are highly qualified and of international prestige.

  1. 55% of the population is foreign

It is truly an international city, where more than 50% of the population comes from other countries and 40,000 of them are students who live and study in the city center. The largest communities are Greek, Italian, Chinese and Lebanese in the city, which feeds a culinary and cultural diversity and English is the only common language.

  1. It is the cultural capital of Australia

Melbourne combines the best of the historical charm of the country with a contemporary, innovative and truly unique style. Cultural activities are not lacking and when they are not being performed in class, students enjoy the big shopping centers, walking in the picturesque Southbank district, watching plays in local theatres, visiting nearby museums or the city’s famous aquarium.

  1. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia

Who says that studying abroad cannot have some extra benefits like tanning? Melbourne has some of the most beautiful and natural beaches on the planet, including Lorne and Jan Juc.

As if all this has not been enough, more scholarship opportunities have started in Australia to attract international students. Nowadays it offers great opportunities to study English Courses in Melbourne, even more than the United Kingdom or the United States. Do not miss the opportunity to learn English and travel to an exotic destination!

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